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On the 9 November 2020, the birth of a new way of working with DMR was born.
A network name was devised and was called FreeDMR.

FreeDMR is the freedom for Repeater, Gateway Keepers and some Hotspots to have full control, instead of being told what has to go where.
We look forward to a great and bright future.

FreeDMR is a DMR Network for Amateur radio users around the world.

FreeDMR is currently looking for OpenBridge connections to connect to a rapidly growing system.
Open Source is here! FreeDMR – Open networking – Reaching out to the World.

Some features include:
Client configuration sent via Protocol Options line.
Dial-a-TG. All talk groups shifting via Private Call on Slot 2.
Enhanced OpenBridge via Improved bridge protocol.
Loop detection & handling on the FreeDMR Network.
More features to come.

FreeDMR UK now offer Phoenix UK Talk Groups, along with FreeDMR Talk Groups.




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