FreeDMR Network Hosts

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As off the 2nd March 2021 you must be on this list to come under FreeDMR NetworkTo be listed on Pi-Star, BlueDV, OpenSpot etc you need to be on this list.
This will mean we need to standardise what is displayed. See table below.

Country displayed.
Followed by -REGION if required in bold.
ONLY hosts that offer Hotspots will be listed. -
Hotspot and Repeater on same Port.
Hotspots only.

- Read this on Passwords.

Repeaters connection information should be done via your Website.
Recommendation - Repeaters via Pi-Star should use DMR Gateway.

Pi-Star etc will update from this Data Base for the FreeDMR Network listed below.
If the info below is wrong or needs updated, please let us know.
Please  fill in this form  and  send to Norman Via Telegram @NormanFreeDMR.
If you need software to edit the file. Use this FREE OpenOffice.

If you want or need a FREE.     Hostname.
Please send a message to Jon Via Telegram @G4TSN.
Or ask in the Telegram group -  FreeDMR Server Sysop Group.

[table id=4 /]


Download FreeDMR_Hosts CSV.

Download FreeDMR_Hosts TXT.

Pi-Stars DMR_Hosts.txt.