Dashboard Explanation

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Repeater Dashboard.
HotSpot Dashboard.

Top Window is the Last Heard.

This Window shows the  Last Heard.
You can see what each section displays and easy to follow.
* Name See info bottom of page.

Next Window is Status.

This Window shows many things.
1. Callsign (DMR ID) Info – Shows what Repeater or Hotspot is live on FreeDMR UK.
If your Hotspot shows on the Hotspot Dashboard you have connected successfully.
2. The rest I think we can skip over.

Orange Bar This shows someone is TXing and what Talk Group is being used, (23510)
Green Bar This shows that the Repeater or Hotspot is RXing that Talk Group, (23510)

Bottom Window shows Active Calls.

The two sections on the left you can ignore as part of the FreeDMR Bridging System.
Active Calls you can see the RX, TX Callsign and Talk Group being used.
Active Calls is a live view of what Talk Group is being used on FreeDMR UK.


* Name.
This is the site we use to get your First name, Callsign, ID from.
FreeDMR UK only uses the info under First Name, Callsign, ID.
We update the Data Base around every 30 days.

Keep your Information up to date on.

Most DMR ID Data Bases for radios pull info from this site also.
It is 100% FREE to have an account and to edit your info.


For more Information/Connecting to FreeDMR UK have a look at How To –